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CCD will work directly and with other organizations to effect change. Over time, we will use a combination of grass-roots political activism, political accountability and education to achieve our goals.

Grass-Roots Political Activism

CCD will create a grass-roots membership base focused on political advocacy, political accountability, and education. This base will include activists from across the ethnic, religious, and political continuum. Each riding in the country will be reviewed for its status and opportunity. CCD activists will become involved in each riding association and focus on building and sustaining relationships with political leaders who support the CCD mandate. Additional activists will be responsible for contact with key cabinet ministers and government bureaucrats in Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Defense.

CCD will provide policy briefs with key talking points to each activist and will work with activists in compiling its political accountability report cards.

Political Accountability Report Cards

CCD is about accountability. It will shine the spotlight on Canadian politicians, bureaucrats, and others to ensure that their language, policies, and programs are consistent with a commitment to Democracy and democratic freedoms. CCD will highlight those politicians who fail to condemn terrorism in the hope of capturing votes of specific groups in Canada. The CCD report card and brand will become synonymous with fairness, depth of research, and consistency of application.

Policy Activism

CCD will publish and partner to produce ethics-based and leading-edge policy material and will translate this policy material into effective, grass-roots political advocacy and educational programs. CCD will sponsor and market thought-leading policy briefs, position papers and books on key subjects. CCD will be open to the best ideas regardless of geography and will give voice to some of the brightest minds in Canada.